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What clients say

Independant Excecutive Talent Broker
“She is the perfect, clever, connected, impartial and a gently honest friend you need when you go shopping who focuses solely on you. She makes you see yourself differently, finds just what you need to make you look and feel terrific and does it all with grace, humour and panache. She is wonderful.” January 10, 2012
50 year old HR Executive
This client came to Iris for Styling and Wardrobe advice as she found that despite spending considerable amounts on beautiful clothes she wasn’t comfortable in her style or putting them together so constantly felt like she had nothing to wear that made her feel good.
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“ Working with Gill has been truly transformational. I had always struggled with my clothes with a poor understanding of what suited me or how to put things together. Shopping for clothes was always a miserable, stressful and expensive experience. I had a full wardrobe of clothes, mainly black, but still nothing to wear.

With her guidance and gentle coaching I now have a balanced wardrobe, with clothes I feel good about for all occasions, whether work, going out or even the casual rush to supermarket or gym! She has a real talent and works entirely individually without any of the formulaic approaches you may find elsewhere. She has helped me think about my whole lifestyle and image that I want to create that work with my body shape and age. She has brought a real sense of style and ease to my appearance, it is great to hear the compliments I now receive!

She is a pleasure to work with. She is supportive, encouraging and, when necessary, gently challenging. The days of struggling to find something to wear and worrying about whether I look OK are things of the past. Clothes shopping is now a real treat and no longer a case of throwing good money after bad. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
30 year old Online Film Publicist
This client came to me to develop her style and educate her in what to wear and where to shop, she wanted to become more sophisticated in her approach to dressing whilst staying young and contemporary.
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“Gill immediately put me at ease with her relaxed approach and I felt confident she could help me achieve what I wanted. I have learnt so much from her about what suits me (and what doesn’t) and also how to enhance my body shape.“
31 year old Trader
This male client in his early thirties didn’t particularly enjoy shopping but wanted to bring his style up todate.
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“Finally, a painless way to shop for a man! After an initial consultation with Gill she completely got what kind of clothing I was looking for! A couple of hours pre shop made for a totally hassle free experience. There was no having to spend hours rummaging through endless rails of designers I know nothing about! It was a very efficient way to spend the day and I came back with a wonderful selection of clothes I love and have worn over and over again! “
52 year old Solicitor and Partner in her firm
This client came to Iris as with a demanding job and two teenagers she had no time to shop for herself and wanted Style advice on the go.
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“A terrifically helpful service - it saved me lots of time, took all the pain out of the process and produced some great clothes which I would never have found by myself. It was also lovely to have someone with such a good eye there to provide a thoughtful and honest opinion and to solve the eternal problem of what goes with what. Looking forward to our next expedition.”
50 year old Director of a Consultancy firm
This client thought her wardrobe needed refreshing, uncluttering and bringing up to date.
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“I thoroughly enjoy working with Gill. Admittedly I entered into the arrangement with some trepidation but Gill’s approach and encouragement helped enormously; she’s great fun too. As a result I have changed the way I think about clothes, what I buy and what I wear. My confidence and interest in how I dress has increased.Gill really works to accentuate the positive - which makes it such a positive experience.”