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Special Occasion Dressing

This service brings together some of the alliances which Iris has developed with carefully chosen companies. One of the most daunting shopping experiences can be having to find a particularly special outfit for a close relative or friends wedding or a high profile event. Trying to co- ordinate in one shopping trip all the pieces including hats and shoes. All the companies Iris recommends and works with are family or individual run businesses bringing passion for their work and a focus on their client satisfaction as well as good value pricing.

Once the Style and the requirements for the particular occasion are defined we can choose to go shopping for the clothing or Iris can organise a selection of clothes to be brought to your home, if it requires a special item or you have a vision for the outfit we can design a Bespoke garment with Azucena. Shoes from Upper Street to work with the outfit are easily designed online from home working in any specific requirements. If a hat or fascinator is required Jane Taylor Millinery will work with Iris to produce a beautifully designed piece for you whilst finishing touches are made from the eccletic selection from ECone. The cost of each item is the same or less than buying quality pieces off the peg and discounts are available for Iris clients.

If you have an event coming up a seven week lead time is advisable for the Bespoke items to be co- ordinated and to ensure your outfit is ready with time to spare.

Initial Consultation and Planning / Fees - 100 - time allowed 1 hour or as required

Resourcing of items ( including shopping off the peg / online/ designing and working with service partners) / Fees - 50 ph

Running ( picking up/ delivering completed items) / Fees - 25 ph