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Styling - Restoring confidence and reviving originality

Iris believes that being stylish comes from being connected with your clothes, they should express your personality and identity, providing you with the confidence that comes from feeling like you, the best of you. Styling is therefore the first step in revitalising your wardrobe and look. This session will take you through:

Style - Revisiting who you are and how you express yourself, using style icons, style trends, fashion shows and looking into the past for sources of inspiration to define your personal style.

Shape - The shape of your clothing should compliment your figure but not compromise your style. Iris will give you advice on what shapes to look for to flatter as well as tips on fit, tailoring and materials.

Colouring - Choosing a base and complimentary colours for you to build your wardrobe around.

At the end of the session you will be focused on a Style that inspires and excites you and will be key in rebuilding and refining your wardrobe choices.

Session time - 2/ 2.5 hours aprox / Fees - 200