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Personal Shopping - Renewing the fun of choosing, buying and wearing clothes

For efficient and successful shopping you need a clear sense of style and of what you need to complete your wardrobe. Iris also believes to be able to help choose pieces that will work for the long term and be truly valued in your wardrobe we need to know our clients first. Styling and Wardrobe Management is recommended beforehand but if you have a good style and awareness of your wardrobe then we recommend a short getting know session which gives us the building blocks for working together.

Pre Shopping - A couple of hours pre shopping by Iris makes sure that your shopping trip is time efficient and successful. Armed with our knowledge of you, your style, sizes, shape, colours and shopping list Iris seeks out suitable items in advance putting them aside for you and planning a route to save your time and energy.

Personal Shopping - Irisís aim with Personal shopping is to minimise the stress and effort whilst ensuring the client obtains quality, style perfect pieces to complete their shopping list. When neccessary items can be pinned and taken for alteration and advice given on the care and wear of fabrics. At the end of the shopping session care is taken to review what has been purchased, any other items required and how to shop in the future.

Getting to know session - For clients who feel they have a good sense of their own style and know what they want to purchase to complete their wardrobe. Iris believes that in order to offer our clients our best service we need to know them and understand their style, shape, size and colour.

Session time - Pre shopping 2 hours min / Personal Shopping 3 hours minimum - £50 ph
Getting to know session 1 hour / Fees - £50 ph