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Wardrobe Management - Refreshing your wardrobe

Iris thinks that you need to have a clear sense of your personal style in order to make long term Wardrobe choices and build outfits which you can throw on with ease and feel great in them every time. With this in place reorganising and rebuilding your wardrobe is a fun and reenergising experience. This session ...

Sorts through your seasonal wardrobe, building outfits, editing, recycling and planning a shopping list. Iris also works closely with our tailor to alter and redesign existing pieces aswell as create new designs for items which may make complete and make functional current outfits. We believe in putting value into the wardrobe, quality and perfect style.

At the end of the session we will have sorted the wardrobe into remaining outfits, items for sale by Iris, items for charity, items for altering or redesigning and have a shopping list to complete the whole lot.

Session time - Dependant on size of wardrobe / Fees - 200 first 2 hours and 50 ph thereafter